Community Campaigns for Quality Care is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that assists health care purchasers, unions and communities to lower the cost of their health care by improving its quality.

Why focus on quality?  Forty percent of U.S. health care spending is waste, which the Institute of Medicine defines as unsafe or ineffective care.  Potentially Avoidable Complications (PACs) are one key driver of medical costs.  They are avoidable hospitalizations, infections, adverse drug events, and other problems that medical experts agree can be substantially reduced by improving quality. 

In addition to PACs, too many patients are subjected to invasive tests and procedures against professional guidelines for no health benefit.  Others receive treatments they might not have chosen if fully informed of all their options.  Reports of problems abound, from hospitals that overexpose patients to radiation for no sound medical purpose to wide, medically unexplained variations in elective procedure rates.

Avoiding PACs and eliminating medically unwarranted utilization will reduce employer and public agency medical costs far more than reducing benefits.  We identify the frequency, costs and types of PACs and other other quality problems and support purchaser-provider partnerships, based on shared data and aligned incentives.